NordicBaltSat project charts space-related competencies simultaneously in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and in Poland

Date:22 Jun 2010
Location:Tallinn / Riga / Vilnius / Warsaw


Partners of NordicBaltSat project have launched a survey (see link here - which enhances opportunities for companies from emerging space countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland) to further present their space-related organizations and to establish direct contacts with the leading space industry companies and organizations across the Europe. The survey will help to find out the most interesting candidate organisations for training and mentorship that will be introduced in co-operation with the International Space University (ISU) and the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC). All these activities are aimed at fostering future businesss in the field of space based systems and applications.

The survey also facilitates the preparation of the Joint Technology Programme (JTP). Latter is seen as a heart of the whole NordicBaltSat project to match the most urgent needs of ESA while creating desired preconditions for emerging space countries to play along in the space market and to speed up their accession process to ESA. 

NordicBaltSat is a project under European Commission`s 7th Framework programme and in collaboration with European Space Agency, aiming at promoting space industry in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.