NordicBaltSat (NBS) is a first common initiative of Baltic countries and selection of major key players from Sweden, Poland and Central European space organizations:

  • to strengthen the relationship between European Space Agency Member States and non-member states as emerging space countries;
  • to achieve an effective coordination of resources across national space programs in emerging space countries;
  • to foster dialogue and debate on space science and research with the public audience.

The general objective of the NBS project is to create the necessary conditions for utilizing the existing and emerging potential of the consortium partners in Nordic-Baltic dimension (specifically in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland) for continuous and sustainable contribution in major on-going and planned European space programmes. NBS has mission-oriented approach to build a bridge for successful integration into space industry in Europe.

There are several specific actions contributing to achieve the objectives of the project (see figure below). The main actions intend to chart space potential and create joint technology programme; to build capacity and develop cooperation between emerging space countries and ESA; and to shape national space governance systems in emerging space countries. Capacity building and cooperation promotion between emerging space countries and ESA will strengthen the relationship with ESA and it also gives opportunity for future cooperation and adhesion to ESA.