International Space University

The International Space University (ISU) is the world’s leading university solely dedicated to the study of space. In addition to two Master programs and the Summer Session Program (now renamed the Space Studies Program), ISU also offers an Executive MBA, and short courses, such as professional development programs, seminars, roundtables, workshops and forum activities.

The ISU faculty regularly designs new short courses focusing on specific aspects of the space industry and governmental organizations involved in space activities.

ISU has taken as an objective to constitute international and intercultural teams of teachers and participants in all of its programs. This selection is based upon the belief that the future generation of space engineers will become increasingly global. This principle is reflected in all the programs where a maximum attention is given to respect the intercultural differences. Besides the obvious cultural differences, less obvious are different material cultures and educational cultures. Even if decision making processes may be very different, it is of paramount importance that these differences are respected by other participants. Therefore, group and team work have been given a different dimension in the educational system of ISU. The objective is not only to have people with different technical skills working together, but, even more, to do this in an environment of very different cultural patterns and mutual respect. It is assumed that this aspect will be equally important in a multinational and multicultural environment.