Ventspils High Technology Park

Ventspils High Technology Park was established in Ventspils 2005 to create favourable environment for high technology companies specialising in electronics, ICT, machine engineering, industrial automation and space technologies. Seven companies and public institutions have been united in a consortium to take the challenge of developing hi-tech industry in Ventspils city: Ventspils Free Port Authority; Ventspils University College; Industrial Investments Ltd.; Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association,; Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Companies; Siemens Ltd.; Zernike Group Holding.

Expertise and competence of VHTP founders allows it to play the leading role in industrial growth of the region, helping to launch business operations in Ventspils, as well as fostering development of educational and research institutions in close relation to the market needs. Besides provision of sophisticated infrastructure, seed funding and business support services such as training programmes and business incubation for high-tech and high and medium-tech companies VHTP provides clustering among relevant industrial and public partners. Ventspils University College, Engineering Research Centre, Technology Transfer Centre being the partners of VHTP provide necessary human resources and applied research services to foster innovations and new product development; laboratories of the Ventspils University College Engineering Research centre in electronics, computer aided design and rapid prototyping are located in VHTP.

Representatives of VHTP are participating in national space policy development by taking part in National Space Technology Development working group.
Both national and international projects with a scope of industrial, educational and scientific development of the region have been implemented by initiative of VHTP, e.g.:

  • “Latvian Electronics and Electrical Engineering Development Project” (Phare) where Research and Engineering Centre was established and industrial infrastructure developed,
  • “Formation of Regional Competence Centre on basis of Ventspils University College” (ERDF),
  • “Development of a Professional Science and Innovation Based Business Management Masters Study Programme “Innovative Business Development” (MBA_IBA)” (Phare),
  • “Training of Intellectual Property Exploitation Agents” (Leonardo da Vinci),
  • several technical study programme improvement ERDF projects for Ventspils Vocational School No.20,
  • “The development of the University nano-satellite Venta-1” – the development and launch of an AIS nanosatellite, hereinafter named “Venta-1”, in cooperation with Ventspils University College and University Applied Sciences Bremen,
  • “Smart Regions – expert support to establishment of the Satellite Technology Centre in Ventspils” (Norway government grant scheme “Short term expert fund”),
  • Development of competence centre “Latvian Satellite Technology Centre”,
  • “Cooperation between Ventspils and Tartu in space technologies related research and training” (Norway government bilateral financial mechanism program “Cross-border cooperation”);
  • “Space technologies – opportunities for education and economy”(Norway government bilateral financial mechanism NGO project program)



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Project manager
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Project manager
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