Kaunas University of Technology

Piezoelectric nanoresolution laser scanning/deflecting device, developed in KUT

KUT is the largest technical university in Baltic States. Being one of the most dynamic schools of higher education in Lithuania, KUT is research and study leader in various fields and has a wide spectrum of research teams, working in interdisciplinary academic areas. The scientists of KUT take active participation in joint projects and perform research in the areas of Mechatronics, Nanotechnology, Control technology, Ultrasonic non-destructive testing, Environmental and Biomedical engineering, Piezomechanics, Social sciences and many others.

NordicBaltSat project is performed in Mechatronics Center for Research, Study and Information of KUT, actively involved in the R&D of Mechatronics systems with piezoelectric systems, composite materials with implanted piezoelectric sensors, adaptive multi-degree-of-freedom actuators-sensors, “intelligent” mechanisms, self-repairing mechanisms, biomechatronics, navigation of robotronics systems, etc.

The main activity of Mechatronics Center is concentrated in the areas of Precision Mechatronics, devoted to the research and development of mechatronics systems with „smart“ or „intelligent“ actuators and sensors. The Center has a lot of experience in R&D of systems, based on the development and application of piezoactive materials and composites, including modern magnetostrictive compounds (Terfenol-D).

Coordinator of the Center

Prof: Ramutis Bansevicius
Tel: +370-37300910
Tel: +370-68750284
Fax: +370-37300909
E-mail: ramutis.bansevicius@ktu.lt